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Brand Strategy & Voice

Questions we answer:

  • How do we distil our reasons for existing into one core purpose?
  • Which message will resonate with our customers the strongest?
  • What does our brand deliver that customers can't find elsewhere?
  • How do we simplify our cluttered brand portfolio?
  • How can we pick a memorable brand name that reflects our differentiation?
  • How can we evolve our brand to reach a younger audience?

Branding & Design

Questions we answer:

  • What kind of visual identity will resonate the most with my customers?
  • What do we need to consider when choosing a logo?
  • How can I give my brand a more contemporary look without sacrificing brand recognition?
  • How can the brand identity reflect our brand purpose?
  • How can we stand out and win maximum shelf space with our packaging?
  • How can we roll out our brand in a consistent way?

Digital & Web

Questions we answer:

  • How do we express our brand strategy through a digital experience?
  • How do we translate our business into a digital experience?
  • Where in the sales funnel can we make the most impact on conversions?
  • What new service lines can we introduce to capture unmet opportunities?
  • We want to take our brand into the metaverse – how do we start?
  • What tech stack should we use for our website?

Content & Campaigns

Questions we answer:

  • How can we turn our brand story into an experience?
  • How do we create a multi-channel brand activation campaign for our brand?
  • Our product is really complex – how do we activate it in a compelling way?
  • How can we do a collaboration with a brand we like?
  • How can we streamline our content to be shareable on all our channels?
  • How can we talk more about ESG topics in a credible way?

Events & Activations

Questions we answer:

  • How can we drive deeper connections at our next event?
  • How can we surprise our customers – they’ve seen it all before?
  • How do we create an event in Sandbox or Decentraland?
  • How can we increase digital interaction at our fashion shows?
  • How far can we push the event format for our corporate clients?
  • We want to use AR at our event – how can we integrate that?

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Thread Designs

• ⠀Refunding Service • ⠀Buy For You Services • ⠀Logs / Accounts Store • ⠀Checker / Utilities • ⠀Proxy / Cloud Service • ⠀& More...

Animated Signatures

• ⠀Promote your business • ⠀Increase your visibility • ⠀Cheaper than a thread • ⠀Dynamic design

Logo Creation

• ⠀Look more professional • ⠀Increase your credibility • ⠀Build your own identity

Product Thumbnails

• ⠀Improve your trust level • ⠀Have your own identity • ⠀Look more professional

Web Development

• ⠀Custom Store • ⠀Landing Page • ⠀Business Website • ⠀Private Web App